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Here’s my most awkward (hopefully!) outfit of the day ever!  As many of you know, I’m a little bit challenged in the health/medical department.  I currently have 3 conditions diagnosed, a fatigue problem that has yet to have a name, and am in the process of distinguishing if I have a deficiency in my blood (hence the bandage around my arm) or if I have a pinched nerve as I have been dealing with numbness in my left arm quite a bit lately-both of which could be the causes.  I considered not doing the random, bandage, bathroom stall background picture because it’s not, well pretty, but I decided to go for it.  I believe that a part of fashion blogging is showing off the prettiest outfits, in the prettiest lighting, with the prettiest backgrounds…but blogging about fashion is also blogging about the every day stuff- which isn’t always pretty!

I like to be dressed up regardless, even while having a blah day.  Getting blood drawn is never fun but dressing up helps me feel “not sick”.  It’s like when I have to go to the ER, if possible I insist on walking to my cubicle room instead of them wheeling me there in a wheel chair because if I have to be wheeled there I automatically feel worse.  SO much of life is mind over matter, and feeling great about how you look can always help any and everything!

I have so many green things that this is one of the easiest dresses for me to style.  I often wear green or teal shoes with this dress, but I decided to bring out the orange and beige in some of the “Brady Bunch” houses to add some variety to my accessorizing.  Like most busy and large printed dresses, this dress needs a belt to break things up a tad!  I’ve seen some girls on the blogs, Instagram, and Modcloth pull it off without one but I think 9/10 this dress, as well as similar ones, needs a skinny belt to have it look just right!

Head scarf- Target

Dress- Retrolicious/Folter via Modcloth

Belt- Forever 21

Bangles- Charming Charlie

Bag- Kate Spade New York

Shoes- Nine West

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