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I have other blogs amongst the internet world, but the older I get the more obsessed I become about putting outfits together that are polished, fun, coordinated, and often times retro and/or classic. My instagram is :) I love dresses, skirts (especially midi-lengths), heels, bright colors, interesting patterns, novelty prints, vintage fashion and so much more!!! So follow me, let's have some fashion fun, and I'll follow you back!

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Pictures from yesterday!  I had a totally different outfit planned but Denver is still kind of in spring mode, aka crazy and pseudo unpredictable weather mode!  It was not nearly as warm yesterday as it has been lately AND a thunderstorm was looming.  Eventually it got hot for a little bit, so that was nice.  Luckily I’ve invested in some nice maxi skirts this year (I LOVE paisley prints!) so on those neither here nor there temperature days I can improvise a tad with style!

Anyhoo, the top photo is clearly my outfit pic (with my Border Collie trying to jump in the fountain in the background-way to pose, Lucy June! #modeldog).  The bottom is at the restaurant my friends and I were at before, which had a, um, very tolerant dog policy…as you can see!  When Lucy got sick of “being a muppet” to street traffic over the flower bed she tried to jump on the empty chair next to me.  I turned it around thinking her leash didn’t go that far…but she proved me wrong!  It sounds like I have a very demanding dog, but I take her to breweries all the time and allow her to sit on the bench next to me, so in her defense she thinks this is OK (my bad!).  The waitstaff never cared.  They even brought her a water dish without me asking.  I’ve included some of those pics because they’re funny and while I may be biased…she is pretty damn adorable!  I also have a close-up of my dog necklace that I was wearing as well.  

Happy Sunday Funday everyone!

Tank- Forever 21

Skirt- Modcloth (Sunnygirl)

Shoes- Bongo

Necklace-Groupon. …seriously!

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